Really Good EV Interview From 1991

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I just read this for the first time so thought I'd share. Pretty fascinating exchange.


  • Very cool.  thanks for posting
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    Great article. The last paragraph was perfect. "Eddie said I could call back if I had any more questions. After 25 years, I have a bunch. "
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  • bbiggsbbiggs Posts: 1,490
    Agreed! I thought that closing comment was great. So many cool takeaways from that interview. 
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    Definitely illustrates the influence Chris Cornell had on Ed in those early days.
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    Yes it does.  There were a lot of Chris Cornell references made by Ed.  You can see how influential he was to him.  I found it interesting when he said that both he and Cornell decided they weren't going to get a bunch of tattoos, but he didn't want the interviewer to write it.  Insignificant, but interesting nonetheless. 
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