Italy & Chicago "Scratch & Dent" Posters Up For Grabs - Gone

More CowbellMore Cowbell Posts: 117
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I have slightly blemished (but noticeable) Italy 2006 and Chicago Vic 2007 posters that I'm willing to part with only for the price of shipping.  I know that someone is interested in damaged posters from time to time.  PM me if interested.
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  • iO letsgoiO letsgo Posts: 77
    pm sent
  • Loyola20Loyola20 IllinoisPosts: 92
    I'll take Italy if still available 
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  • kmallon72kmallon72 Posts: 43
    Pm sent
  • More CowbellMore Cowbell Posts: 117
    These have been spoken for.  Thanks for the interest.
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