I still have a bootleg credit available......what should I download?

I have a bootleg credit, looking to see what would be a great show to download. Looking for ideas on anything 2013 and beyond, I have quite a bit of shows earlier then that. Let me know what you guys think!


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    Adding to the above, apologies, but where can we download bootlegs?
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    what boots do you already have for 2013 and beyond?

    we can purchase bootlegs from the SHOP under MUSIC on the pearl jam website.
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  • I have Detroit 2014 and Quebec City 2016
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    Leeds, Detroit or Vienna all 2014
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    Leeds 2014 definitively
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    S. Diego 2, 2013 (or was it '14?)... lol.. they've toured LB waaaaay too long.  I was there, but i only recommend coz they were tight.  My other show attended was Night 2 at Fenway - super tight as well (although Eddie's voice has been going sour since 2013ish).

    Maybe a show show since 2013 that doesn't open with the 3-4 Slow Song formula, plus the Slow Song Packaged 1st encore.  I think there are 1-2 shows... festivals maybe.  Yeah, the most recent live formula kinda sux.
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    Philly 1 13, I go to this one all the time. Great boot. 
    Detroit 14, powerful show all around.
    Columbia 16, attended this one but the set is incredible, the boot sounds amazing, and the band was in such a good mood. 

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  • Columbia 16 looks stellar. Leeds 14 is a close second. 
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    vault six
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