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Selling more of my collection.  I'm going to post this in lots based on years.
2003 **SOLD** Set of 9 boots for $115 (usd) plus shipping from Canada
February 23rd, Perth Australia
March 3rd, Tokyo Japan
March 4th, Osaka Japan
April 5th, San Antonio
April 18th, Nashville
April 22nd, St. Louis
April 23rd, Champaign
April 29th, Albany
July 9th, New York

2009 - Set of 5 boots for $62 (usd) plus shipping from Canada
August 23, Chicago
August 24, Chicago
August 28 San Francisco
October 06, Universal City
November 20, Melbourne (Docklands) Aus

2008 Set of 9 boots for $115 (usd) plus shipping from Canada
June 14, Manchester
June 16, Columbia
June 19, Camden
June 22, Washington
June 24, New York
June 25, New York
June 27, Hartford 
June 28, Mansfield
June 30, Mansfield

If you'd like to purchase all 14 boots from 2008/2009, total price would be $175 (usd) plus shipping OBRO.  I'll cover the pp fees.  Let me know if you have any questions.  And just a reminder that i have a whole bunch of 2000 bootlegs for sale as well.  THANKS!

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    End of weekend bump.  The 2000 boots are going pretty fast, so if interested in those, I can combine with these ones (save on shipping - everyone's a winner!).
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    A member contacted me about two specific shows form 2003 - and that's what I do...make dreams come true.  I pulled Philly and Irvine for Tim and updated the list/prices (though those two shows are still in pics, they are no longer for sale).  Let me know if you are interested in any bundles of shows (and I still have a bunch of those sweet sweet 2000 boots available - as well as the Lost Dogs vinyl LP for sale *LD now sold*). 
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    Here's a thank-you bump for Edmonton!  Got my Philly & Irvine boots safe & sound.  Much appreciated!!!!!
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    All the 2003 have sold (thanks, Philipp!!). 
    If interested in the remaining 2008 & 2009, the 14 boot set would be $175 usd (plus shipping from Canada).
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    weekend bump
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    If interested in individual shows, let me know (pricing the same as my 2000 boots).  
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