Polyphonic Spree/Tripping Daisy

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I don't know if you remember Tripping Daisy or not back from the 90's (I Am An Elastic Firecracker) great album by the way! This use to be the singer and he went on to form this band,  it's pretty freaking impressive, I got some of their stuff and I always liked it. They're originally from Dallas, David Bowie even liked these guys so much he brought them on tour with with him. Anyways, just thought this was a cool cover of a great song! 

Dallas 7/5/98, San Francisco 7/15/06, 7/16/06, San Francisco 8/28/09 (OL) Bristow 5/13/10, New York 5/21/10, East Troy 9/3/11-9/4/11 (PJ20), Missoula 9/30/12, Chicago 7/19/13 (Wrigley), Pittsburgh 10/11/13, Buffalo 10/12/13, Baltimore 10/27/13, Dallas 11/15/13, Austin 10/12/14 (ACL), Memphis 10/14/14, St. Paul 10/19/14, Milwaukee 10/20/14, Denver 10/22/14, Fort Lauderdale 4/8/16, Miami 4/9/16, Hampton 4/18/16, Philly 4/28/16, 4/29/16, New York 5/1/16, 5/2/16, Seattle 8/10/18 (Safeco), Missoula 8/13/18, Boston 9/2/18 (Fenway)
Eddie Vedder - Berkeley 4/8/08, Austin 11/9/12, 11/11/12
Temple of the Dog - Upper Darby 11/4/16


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    Tripping Daisy did a few shows in Texas (their home state) a few weeks ago. 

    I never really got too much into them, but love Polyphonic Spree.  One of my friends got me onto the Spree which are fantastic live.

    8/28/98- Camden, NJ
    10/31/09- Philly
    5/21/10- NYC
    9/2/12- Philly, PA
    7/19/13- Wrigley
    10/19/13- Brooklyn, NY
    10/21/13- Philly, PA
    10/22/13- Philly, PA
    10/27/13- Baltimore, MD
    Tres Mts.- 3/23/11- Philly
    Eddie Vedder- 6/25/11- Philly
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