In the summertime

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     In the summertime I have time to take care of the yard.  It’s much less complicated than the yard at my old house, but there’s more land here so there is the potential for more improvement.  This year, my son and I want to extend the lawn behind the garage and also fence in the area next to the garage. (My son wants more room to work on cars and I want to extend the lawn into the area that’s shady near the big trees.)  It’ll be a labor intensive project, but that’s often the quality of yard work!  

      The thing I love about yard work is that it is physically transformative.  You can push the land in some direction and it goes with you.  By next year, the changes will be established and we can change another area of the land and the next year whatever those changes have been will be growing on their own too.  It’s slow-motion transformation of the land but the earth and plants help in the process!  In Florida, the plants were so lush that I would take the baby volunteers and move them around and fill in new areas.  Here, I get to trim, weed, and tame the wild un-groomed areas.  I enjoy both activities!



  • justamjustam Posts: 21,280
    Weeding a gravel driveway is not fun!  I need to get this thing paved!
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