The governor of California

Mr Brown had it right

he came on the news quickly and

made it clear that the state of California

would still honor the Paris agreement

he gave his reasons

they were well-thought out!

honest, and educated

he’s not ignorant like the unmentionable clown! 

Brown showed love for others as well as the planet

I’m thinking about this because it was a good response!

whatever individuals can do to fight injustice and evil

should be done

he’s one man, a governor 

and he knew he could do this

then other governors and majors saw they could do this too

ignore the stupidity of the dark leader and

lead their own group in the right direction instead

I’m thinking about this and loving it.

I feel proud of these Californians!

I can’t change the world, but I can change myself

and I can’t help everyone, but I can help a few people

those I’m close to

and I will continue to do that

because it’s the right way to live

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