Ferry Boat #3 - Chris Cornell & general love for the Singles re-issue

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Finally opened up my Singles deluxe reissue this morning. This one is on the bonus disc, second to last. God damn. I highly suggest you skip straight to this one and turn it up. 
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    "Doesn't mean you're lost"....fuck, its like I'm 14 all over again. I would hang on to words/lyrics like those. Big time. 
  • The second disc could have replaced the first disc as the movie soundtrack. It's that amazing. If anyone has waited to listen, I would encourage you to do so. Me? I couldn't sit and stare at it any longer. Packing off, discs played, mind blown, heart healing, mind blown. :heart: :heartbreak:
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    Agreed, it's a great tune. Some of those lyrics couldn't have been any more poignant if they tried though!  :|
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    It's amazing.
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    I passed on this when it came out...just ordered...im sure its amazing.
  • RS65573 said:
    I passed on this when it came out...just ordered...im sure its amazing.
    I did too initially. 
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    I said this awhile back that the bonus CD is better than the original.

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    ski-bum said:
    I said this awhile back that the bonus CD is better than the original.

    Hmmmmmmm, I don't know. The original is classic. These are great songs as well but they fit perfectly where they are (b-side). Either way we all win!
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    Yeah, that's just a little ambitious to say that the bonus CD is better than the original lineup.
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    Ferry #3 is epic. It was so effortless for him.
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    Cool song.
    Alright, alright, alright!
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    I love lamp
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