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please check the link=page..its for great cause..thanks

We have evolved from single celled organisms in the oceans into the majestic, fault filled, beautiful, creatures we all see when we pass each other every day!
BUT, like those single celled early life forms learned through evolution…there is strength in numbers!
This Jamily is greater than the sum of its parts…it’s what we do together…for each other, that shows our capacity for greatness and LOVE!
As “higher” creatures now…we have the ability…nay, the responsibility, to HELP each other when and where possible! Like a ship caught in the storm looking for a beacon of hope…we can…and should be that Light House!
If we fail in this are we any different from the organisms we deem less intelligent than us?
This is ANOTHER chance to do that…help two of our own in distress…be that ray of light…guide them as safely to the shore, as the fates will allow us to aid them and do!!!
CDKL5 is an extremely rare genetic disorder…Leukemia is an all too common form of Cancer. Two members of our Strangest Tribe are being affected by both. All moneys from this event will go to the families and charities involved. No moneys will kept in house for prizes, shipping, or administrative time…that was all donated…just like the prizes!!!!
So, here’s the fun…let’s lift each other up part!
We are going live…as you read this…we will have a Paypal account ready to accept your 20 Dollar entries…no limit…go nuts…this is for charity! Enter as often as you like! These prize packs are nuts! We will stay open from today March 12th until early March 19th when Dayle Khamvongsa himself…will end this thing with all the grace and adorability only he can!
There will be a LIVE drawing…each 20 Dollar entry gets your name in once…Dayle will draw from the names randomly…and instantly after draw from the prize pool randomly…winner knows what they won right there and then!!! (The only caveat…we need a minimum of 200 entries, I don’t see that being a problem…do you fine folks?)
So…you’ve waited…you’ve been patient…you’ve been great…wanna be greater?
Do you want to make a difference? I know you do…and so do we!
Just know, if you are ever feeling doubt, or sadness, or pain in any way…while we have no magic wands…we are here…and we care about you too…as we all here…tossed about…
Amongst the waves…
"...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
"..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
“..That came up on the Pillow Case...This is for the Greek, With Our Apologies.....”
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