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I take care of my grandmother she is 87 , love you all
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    Prayers sent!

    The first rule of the ten club fight club is you don't talk about the ten club fight club!
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    Praying for u whispering hands
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    Very cool that you're taking care of your grandmother, Shyner.

    I lost my mom to Alzheimer's in 2009. She lived too far for me to give her care but I visited and spent time with her as often as possible. I gave money to the Alzheimer's Association for a while but for personal reasons no longer support them. Hospice was hugely helpful during the time of my mothers passing and I regularly support Hospice. They were also hugely helpful during my brother-in-laws passing. They are amazing.

    I saw two movies recently, "Lorenzo's Oil" and "Extraordinary Measures", both of which dealt with medical issues and in which both illustrated the stalling/slowing down/impeding of research progress that is caused by competition in medical lab research and the emphasis on financial gain over finding prevention and solutions to disease. Very frustrating to see. I begin to wonder if progress in abating Alzheimer's is being blocked in similar ways. I'd be inserted in learning more from those who are tracking the progress of research in that field.
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