Pearl Jam March Madness on Red Mosquito Forum

Month long tournament. New matches every day. Winner will be crowned the night before the RnR HoF induction. Hope to see you there :)


  • Round 2 of the non-album tracks voting is up

    11. Sonic Reducer vs. I've Got A Feeling vs. It' Ain't Like that
    12. Sweet Lew vs. Evil Little Goat vs. Education
    13. Jingle Bells vs. Brother vs. Crazy Mary
    14. Alone vs. Anything In Between vs. Santa God
    15. Fatal vs. Sunburn vs. Don't Believe in Christmas
    16. Love Reign O'er me vs. 10 Billion Years vs. Other Side
    17. Let It Ride vs. All Night vs. Breath
    18. Acoustic #1 vs. U vs. Rearranged Priorities
    19. Wash vs. Bee Birl Vs. Leatherman
    20. Wishing Well vs. Harmony Vs. Yellow Ledbetter
  • today's matches and yesterday's results

    21. Rock Around Barack vs. Untitled (I'm Still Here) vs. Down (1-8-32)
    22. Golden State vs. Only Cloud in the Sky vs. State of Love and Trust (2-4-36)
    23. Gremmie Out of Control vs. Last Kiss vs. Black Red Yellow (4-11-28)
    24. Man of the Hour vs. Dirty Frank vs. Be Like Wind (32-10-0)
    25. Whale Song vs. Thunderclap vs. Hard to Imagine (7-3-35)
    26. Don't Gimmie No Lip vs. Cready Stomp vs. Dead Man (10-4-28)
    27. Out of My Mind vs. Last Soldier vs. 2000 Mile blues (16-20-0)
    28. Long Road vs. Daddy Could Swear, I Declare (40-1)
    29. Cold Confession vs. Santa Cruz (33-6)
    30. Devil Doll vs. Falling Down (5-32)

    Round 2 -3/9
    31. Undone vs. Footsteps vs. Happy When I'm Crying
    32. Angel vs. Let Me Sleep vs. Sad
    33. Hold On vs. Leavin' Here vs. Strangest Tribe
    34. Of the Earth vs. Sonic Reducer vs. Education
    35. Crazy Mary vs. Alone vs. Fatal
  • Today's matches. Come vote

    36. Otherside vs. Breath vs. U
    37. Wash vs. Yellow Ledbetter vs. Down
    38. State of Love and Trust vs. Black Red Yellow vs. Man of the Hour
    39. Hard to Imagine vs. Dead Man vs. Last Soldier
    40. Long Road vs. Cold Confession vs. Falling Down

  • Last round's results

    31. Undone vs. Footsteps vs. Happy When I'm Crying (12-26-14)
    32. Angel vs. Let Me Sleep vs. Sad (5-8-38)
    33. Hold On vs. Leavin' Here vs. Strangest Tribe (9-8-33)
    34. Of the Earth vs. Sonic Reducer vs. Education (11-19-21)
    35. Crazy Mary vs. Alone vs. Fatal (13-16-22)
  • Non album finals are up. Sad vs. Long Road.

    Plus the start of the 10 qualifying rounds

    1. Porch vs. Even Flow vs. Master/Slave (eliminate 2)
    2. Why Go vs. Once vs. Alive (eliminate 2)
    3. Garden vs. Deep vs. Jeremy (eliminate 2)
    4. Oceans vs. Release
  • Vs. and Vitalogy qualifying rounds are up. Come on over and vote.

    1. Daughter vs. Indifference vs. Leash
    2. Blood vs. W.M.A. vs. Animal
    3. Rearviewmirrow vs. Elderly Woman... vs. Dissident
    4. Glorified G vs. Go vs. Rats

    1. Aye Davanita vs. Nothingman vs. Pry, To
    2. Stupid Mop vs. Not For You vs. Satan's Bed
    3. Bugs vs. Last Exit vs. Whipping
    4. Betterman vs. Spin the Black Circle

    As prior winners Tremor Christ, Corduroy, and Immortality are already in the final 64
  • No Code and Yield qualifying rounds are up

    No Code
    Round 1 3/16
    1. Smile vs. I'm Open vs. Habit
    2. Sometimes vs. Off He Goes vs. Who You Are
    3. Red Mosquito vs. Lukin vs. Present Tense
    4. Around the Bend vs. In My Tree vs, Mankind

    Round 1 3/16
    1. In Hiding vs. Low Light vs. Pilate
    2. Given to Fly vs. Red Dot vs. No Way
    3. Push Me/Pull Me vs. All Those Yesterdays vs. Brain of J
    4. Hummus vs. Wishlist vs. MFC vs. Faithfull

    As prior winners Hail Hail and Do the Evolution are already in the tournament.
  • Today we have the Riot Act and Binaural qualifiers (Insignificance has already advanced as a former winner)

    1. Nothing as it Seems vs. Breakerfall vs. Of the Girl
    2. Paring Ways vs. Sleight of Hand vs. Gods' Dice
    3. Soon Forget vs. Light Years vs. Rival
    4. Thin Air vs. Grievance vs. Evacuation

    Riot Act
    1. Green Disease vs. Love Boat Captain vs. Get Right
    2. You are vs. 1/2 Full Vs. Bu$hleaguer
    3. Help Help vs. I Am Mine vs. Arc
    4. Can't Keep vs. Cropduster vs. All or None
    5. Save You vs. Thumbing My Way vs. Ghost

    Please stop by to vote and join in the conversation :)
  • rummyrummy Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,828
    I had a peak at some of the results and I gotta admit I was shocked by some of the winners.
    Auckland 1998, Toronto 1 2011, London 2013, Buffalo 2013, Toronto 1&2 2016
  • That's why I'd like to see more voters!
  • This weekend will be the first qualifying round for S/T, Backspacer, and L-bolt

    1. World Wide Suicide vs. Marker in the Sand vs. Big Wave
    2. Life Wasted vs. Comatose vs. Parachutes
    3. Army Reserve vs. Inside Job vs. Severed Hand
    4. Unemployable vs. Gone vs. Wasted Reprise vs. Come Back

    1. Amongst the Waves vs. Gonna See My Friend vs. Unthought Known
    2. The End vs. Speed of Sound vs. Force of Nature
    3. Got Some vs. Supersonic vs. Just Breathe
    4. Johnny Guitar vs. The Fixer

    Lighting Bolt
    1. Getaway vs. Mind Your Manners vs. Sirens
    2. Sleeping By Myself vs. Future Days vs. Lighting Bolt
    3. Yellow Moon vs. Swallowed Whole vs. Let the Records Play
    4. Infallible vs. Pendulum vs. My Father's Son
  • A few hours are left to vote for the round 2 qualifiers for Ten and Vs

    Jeremy vs Release
    Porch vs. Alive
    Animal vs. Daughter
    RVM vs. Go

    Vitalogy and No Code 2nd round starts tonight.
  • The main tournament has begun!

    Follow the bracket here

    Come vote on RM here
  • Round 1a (voting closes 3/27)

    1. Immortality vs. Getaway
    2. Cropduster vs. Parachutes
    3. Hail Hail vs. Not For You
    4. In My Tree vs. Sad
    5. Tremor Christ vs. You Are
    6. Sleight of Hand vs. Alive
    7. I Got Shit vs. Strangest Tribe
    8. Brain of J vs. Animal

    Round 1b (voting closes 3/28)

    9. Corduroy vs. Force of Nature
    10. Long Road vs. Johnny Guitar
    11. Insignificance vs. Fatal
    12. Last Exit vs. No Way
    13. Black vs. Unemployable
    14. Release vs. Pendulum
    15. Do the Evolution vs. Off He Goes
    16. Go vs. Rival
  • We are down to the Sweet 16. Please stop by Red Mosquito (at to support your favorite song!


  • Bump for matches 21-24. Hail Hail v In My Tree was decided by one vote. Democracy works!
  • Final 8 are up

    Immortality vs. In My Tree
    Tremor Christ vs. Brain of J
    Corduroy vs Last Exit
    Release vs Do the Evolution

    Round is open through Sunday
  • Semifinals are now up through Tuesday

    In My Tree vs. Brain of J
    Last Exit vs. Do the Evolution

    Two of the last four matches were decided by 1-2 votes.

    Come participate :)
  • The finals have begun

    Last Exit vs In My Tree

    Come vote!
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