Logitech Harmony remotes

Anyone have any experience with them? Good? Bad? Life expectancy? I'm thinking about getting one (probably the 650 model) but the reviews for every single model are pretty well mixed. A third love them, a third hate them, a third can't set them up correctly (and thus hate them).


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    I've been using them for 10 or 12 years now, so I guess you could infer that I like them. I've never had issues configuring them, They have a pretty decent app with a huge database of devices. Pick your devices and set your activities. Not overly difficult. As for longevity, I think I'm on my third Harmony, so that's 3-4 years each.
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    We have several 650s and have used other models in the past. They work pretty well. I've not found anything else that comes close to the functionality they have. The app has gotten better over the years too.
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    Not difficult at all to set these up. Sometimes the touch screen is annoying, especially with clumsy thumbs. I recommend them. Definitely beats multiple remotes. Plus my wife is much happier... :wink:
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    I have had the Logitech Harmony One for about 7 years now. Love it.

    As far as getting rid of 3-5 remotes in exchange for one... it does the job quite well.

    I guess the biggest drawback is when there is a guest over, or someone is babysitting/house-sitting. There is a slight learning curve. At times, you need to switch from one device to the other and know what function you are looking for on the touch screen. For someone that uses the remote, this is done without conscious thought....

    Its a great purchase though if you have more than 1 remote. If mine broke today, I would probably buy another within a week
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  • have a 650. bought a "lesser" model and the thing was broken, Harmony sent me the 650 after trying to trouble shoot my issues. thumbs up on their customer service. after using a Harmony I don't know how I could live without the "Watch TV" and "Watch Movie" buttons since they turn on all the right equipment and get me to the correct hdmi ports with just the one button.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Definitely going to get a 650 sometime soon. Even found some compatible HDMI switches which is great because I only have two ports on my receiver & currently have 3 HDMI devices (soon to be 4).
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