Rock The Socks for Makenzie and EB Awareness!

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I posted this in the porch, but we're trying to spread the word about Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), the rare genetic disease that results in extremely fragile skin and recurrent blisters that the Vedders have been advocating for for several years. It hit very close to home when our cousin had a daughter born with dystrophic EB, a severe form of the disease. Little Makenzie was born without skin on her legs and stayed in intensive care for months after birth (where she charmed every doctor and nurse she met). Painful and intricate bandage changes for all of her limbs can take 3 hours every day, but are required to allow blisters to heal and prevent infections and scarring. Despite this, she remains mighty.

Makenzie’s Mom, Dad and Brother have dedicated themselves to making sure she is not only loved and taken care of, but that she grows up proud of who she is. Because Makenzie would throw bandages off, they began covering her arms and legs with the most adorable socks they could find – and she always rocked those socks like a superstar!

Now we’re hoping to raise awareness for EB and help find a cure for Makenzie and others fighting this disease by asking everyone we know to also “Rock The Socks.” Here’s how it works:

1) Friend Makenzie on Facebook:
Just your support and encouragement are really appreciated and I dare you not to fall in love with that face!

2) Like the Rock The Socks page:

3) Get creative with some socks and post the picture on your own page and ask your friends to do the same.

Today is Makenzie's first birthday, and it's hard to believe our little burrito has come so far! We're celebrating by trying to go big on facebook to really make an impact. If you can post a photo or video in a Facebook post. Tag Makenzie in it using:
Facebook = Makenzie Cadmus
Instagram= @RockTheSocksMakenzie
Twitter= @RockTheSocks4EB

Please use the following hashtags:

Please make it public!! Remember the goal is to bring Awareness to EB and reach as many people as we can.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!!

Additional links:
Makenzie’s special needs fund:
EB Research Partnership:


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    I don't have FB, but want to commend you for this!

    The first rule of the ten club fight club is you don't talk about the ten club fight club!
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