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I'm logged in, I can post on the forum but if I hit the Ten Club tab at top, to maybe enter the HOF contest, it tells me I have to log in. When I try to log in sgain it tells me login and password are incorrect. How is that possible? I'm a paying fan club member and I can't enter contests because it won't let me log in on iPad or phone. Help! Forgive me for creating a post but this is my only option for communication.


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    Hi, P&E! I encountered the same thing (simply forcefully logged out) this morning. Also happened when I just hit the Ten Club link.

    Upside, looks like a new photo is up on the main page.

    Nice to see them looking happy :)

    Hope the issue can be resolved...I don't buy merch here in general, nor venture much beyond the forums but know others do - should get what ya pay for!
  • PureandEasyPureandEasy Posts: 5,103
    I had to reset password, did that, came to forums and had to hit the login button again. Very strange. Thanks for the email SEA but I couldn't reply because I couldn't log in.

    Nice to see you too Hedo. I don't venture off the forums too much mysel except around tour time! Hopefully that will be sometime this year.
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    Glad you got back on. Is everything working now?
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    Yes but if I go from one tab to another, it says log in. I selected keep me logged button so I don't have to do anything other select log in, but that just seems weird. Isn't the Forum part of pearl and
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    Even though the Forum is connected to the site, it is separate that is why you have to click “log in” again.
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  • whispering handswhispering hands Under your skinPosts: 13,527
    Yes, PandE.. two different servers networked together. Toss-over logins from this many people ( there is over 15,000 registered users on here!) can clog the servers.. I think that is why we kept crashing servers in the past. So, there is now one server for the actual site.. and the smaller one operates this site. What's the difference? The site is what we call a concrete site. It manages 1-10 ( this is just a sample number.. you can build as many functions in a concrete site as you have space on
    Your hard drive for..)separate functions. As they drop one, they fill that in with a new function. is what we call a Fluid site. Meaning it is constantly moving and changing information from fluid to concrete as it moves. The concrete info is your archives. The fluid info is your posts made within any period of time.
    Tying those two servers together requires a neutral shift, in order to avoid entangling the info that is being shared between them. So.. we have to re-login, so that the servers recognize the change in usage functions.
    Did that help any?

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