The Time has come little one
Listen closely to the wind, it tells a tale of meaning
Its words have come to call
nothing in the darkness no one there at all.

The feeling of enchantment ,the cold chill as it grows
Fleeing the pain of loneliness within a warm hearts glow.

the ashes of yesterday’s dreams warm with desire speak
words of love
words of reprise
all that has settled within the dreamers cries.

Beyond imagination nothing that can be seen
can bring about the feelings of love and all that has been dreamed
follow the whispers of the wind into a silent night
bring along your witness to share in a quite lullaby.

hold the hand that brings you home into the silence of the night
take a few moments from the vase of time you’ve saved for your whole life
give one to the dreamer another placed inside your heart
together in moment and never far apart.


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