PJ T-Shirt Quilt

sandraiscool09sandraiscool09 Las Vegas, Nevada Posts: 4
Hey all!

I just wanted to share the progress of my tshirt quilt with you all. I'm really excited about it! My next phase is learning how to use a sewing machine so I can start sewing my pieces together. Hopefully my next photo will show progress and not me heartbroken with a smashed up sewing machine.

If anyone has any words of wisdom for me, I'm all ears!



  • FifthelementFifthelement LotuslandPosts: 5,283
    Hi Sandra, I've no advice, just wanted to say it looks awesome. Well done.
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  • PearlgardnPearlgardn Lower regions of the high countryPosts: 7
    Ive been sewing since I was about 12 - about 35 years now - so the best advice I have for you is: practice, practice, practice. Once you learn how to use your machine, practice sewing with scraps of the same type of fabric that the quilt is before working on the actual project. I can tell you that tshirt material is going to be tricky for even the most experienced because of the stretch. Use the stretch stitch on your machine, if it has one, and if you take your time, you should be fine. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
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