The Ledge

I wasn't going to post this one, but I got great feedback on it from a facebook group. I posted it there, not as a writer, but as a person who has struggled with depression. I posted it in hopes that it would encourage at least one person that is suffering from depression or any other challenge to walk into nature and find peace.

On the ledge he sits,
Depressed and stressed
Feeling alone and cold.

Unsure how life dealt the cards it did

On the ledge he sits,
Depressed and stressed
Feeling alone and cold.

Several hours he walked, to find
the ledge he sits.

Contemplating the life before him
and the life behind him

On the ledge he sits.
Alone he is, but as he sits,
He opens his eyes
The world around him,
its not so bad.

The mountains are tall, crisp and clear
peaks covered in snow
A river runs the valley below

His mind a mess, a thought he can't catch
his eyes are a bliss, nature it seems
could be the cure.

His mind settles, his blood pressure drops
Into the void he walks -
Not another human to be seen

He walks and walks and walks
Not that long ago
On the ledge he sat
Depressed and stressed he was
Alone he felt

As he walks, the ledge gets smaller
and smaller.
His path becomes clearer
His thoughts become one.

He could have leaped the ledge
he didn't.
Nature won.

-Chris Browning 1/11/2017


  • whispering handswhispering hands Under your skinPosts: 13,527
    Well this is very true! Nature is very attuned to the soul, it rebalances the inner systems of the mind, resets the internal clocks, and smooths the wrinkled soul.

    You and your writing look to be very welcome here! Please continue sharing your work!

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  • Ms. HaikuMs. Haiku Washington DCPosts: 6,857
    Nice one, CBintothewild
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