From here where I stand forever comes a day
Forever in my heart
Forever in my mind.
From here where I stand I see through the trees
Forever in my sight
Forever in my eyes.
From here where I stand I feel the lost souls
Forever in the woods
Forever near the streams
Forever surrounding me.

My journey through forever and many lives so it seems
A life once told of ancient creatures another said to pass
Still others I’ve seen in visions with assurance not the last.

Journeys across the oceans and a land mass far and wide
Ice covered plains at the foot of great mountains that reach into the sky
Offer the chance of passage for new journeys beyond the frozen tides
One lifetime as I travel to cross the winter miles and yet another to try and touch the sun
A journey that is only just began.

Surround me with your sorrow
Surround me with your pain
Surround me with the visions a journey is sure to bring.

Forever in the sunshine as forever each new day
Gifts of love that cover the night onto a journeys course upon its way
Follow into the Forrest beneath the canapés of trees
Follow the artists hand on a painted canvas far and wide a picture to be seen
Follow the tides of a journey through ages of ice, snow and sand
Follow on this journey across the painted land.


  • whispering handswhispering hands Under your skinPosts: 13,527
    Love it.❤️️

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  • justamjustam Posts: 21,274
    I like the positive message in this one.
  • Ms. HaikuMs. Haiku Washington DCPosts: 6,858
    Nice piece, MeanMr.Mustard
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  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    I love this.
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