It happened so plainly, like all was well,
But it buried me deeply inside this Hell.

It washed away innocence, see it fall,
Nobody hears me when I call.

Wretched silence is all that I can hear,
Those who could save me torturously near.

Wickedly inescapable, the hours go on,
This dreamscape unfurls; reality gone.

Wind in the sails of a ship bound for death,
Holding on madly to every last breath.

Vividly painted for everything to see,
What once was a life, lived by me.


  • whispering handswhispering hands Under your skinPosts: 12,767
    ^^^ don't even
    Know where that all came from.. but had to get it out! Lol
  • wow ! where ever it came from had to leek right out of your brain in very passionate for knowledge fashion, awesome !
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