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... sorry
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    You snuck in? What would having the ticket stub do all these years later - that, if I read correctly, weren't even purchased.

    Nice you have a good look-back, but......no stub for you!

    Also probably not the best forum in which to post this.

    (Actually, now that I read your other posts, seems quite un-kosher to me. I won't flag you, but maybe read the forum guidelines.)
  • Sorry I am unsure what you mean? I am all about playing by the rules but PJ would be the last band to criticize a young kid who couldn't afford a ticket to see their favourite band no?

    Also I am unsure I was looking for the rules here but am having trouble finding them. .... what was "un-kosher" about the other posts. If I know I can tend to them.

  • I think I know what you mean although I am looking to delete them and no luck. I will likely edit them instead. Thanks for the heads up, which is the right forum to say search for old items? I was hoping to mount a ticket stub with the poster although it was a long shot.
  • Edited all the posts and will keep it to Flea Market and Lost Dogs. They look appropriate. Any other advice please pass on I am new to the whole community thing.
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