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Calling all artists. I have a challenge for you. Can you sketch another person's dream based solely on a description they give?? Without having met the person before? Kind of like a sketch artist does to capture the image in someone's memory, but for dreams??

Maybe you will sketch, paint, form something outside of your comfort zone? Maybe you are searching for some inspiration today? Maybe you prefer to find your own inspiration, but are just looking for a challenge? Whatever the case may be, I am asking that you help bring dreams into this side of consciousness. This will be therapeutic for the "dreamer", while giving the artist (or artists, the more the merrier) a chance to showcase their talents to our 10C community.


So the catalyst of this idea came from a dream I had three nights ago. I had the most breathtakingly beautiful yet bizarre, and borderline terrifying dream. Even though it was terrifying, I would still call it a dream because of the absolute beauty I saw. It's amazing how your subconscious can take you to places you have never seen before.

I dreamed that I was deep in the ocean on a surfboard. Already, I was out of my comfort zone. I've never surfed. I stand up paddle board, boogie board, body surf, yet never actually surfed... The waves were enormous and I was having trouble even laying on the board. I kept almost getting "Swallowed Whole" by the swells. A strong arm of a stranger, I think it was a man though there was only a bright light where his face was, kept pulling me out of the water back onto the board. I was finally able to sit on the board and wait for my perfect wave. I looked to my left and to my right and saw fellow surfers. The "wave" came and I was able to pull myself up into a standing position and I was surfing. I was elated. I wiped the salt water from my eyes and was finally able to look ahead expecting to see the shore. Except, it was not there. What I saw was 20 to 30 yards of calm sea. Beyond that was a mirror image of the wave I was riding, but with different surfers and headed my way! Sheer panic arose within me and I began to scream, but stopped when I zoned in on the expressions on the other surfer's faces. They were calm, content, omniscient and they were telling me it's okay.

This Mirror Image Wave is the wildest thing I have "seen" in a while. This dream really spoke to me. I'm going through a lot of major transitions in my life right now and I'm full of nervous excitement, and some fear of the unknown. This dream really sums up what I've been experiencing in a bizarre fashion. I would love to be able to view this dream in some tangible form. Will you Sketch My Dream??


  • LanaJayLanaJay Posts: 494
    Wow! Interesting dream! I can vision this one. I can't sketch though. Good luck.
  • hauntingfamiliarhauntingfamiliar Wilmington, NCPosts: 5,339
    LanaJay said:

    Wow! Interesting dream! I can vision this one. I can't sketch though. Good luck.

    Yeah, this one hit me kind of hard. Hence the need to write about it. :)

    I'm really hoping someone can draw it for me, I'd hate to have to attempt it myself....but I might have to to get it out of my system.
  • hauntingfamiliarhauntingfamiliar Wilmington, NCPosts: 5,339
    Still need an artist.
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