Wooden Stickman Logo (Alive Guy)

This is my second attempt at making this. I used color stain this time and I think it came out better than the first. Thanks for looking.


  • vogonpoetbythelakevogonpoetbythelake Posts: 1,824
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    wonderful! captures the energy joy and movement ...particularly like the plain wood...looks like the figure is naturaly growing from its surroundings...just like pearl jam fans...thanks for sharing!
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  • hauntingfamiliarhauntingfamiliar Wilmington, NCPosts: 8,840
    I LOVE this!! I'd love to purchase one, or two. Can you PM me if you are interested in selling any?
  • chelsea48chelsea48 Posts: 548
    WOW great piece of art!! how big is that? it looks massive against the tool box or is it superimposed?
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