how can I renew my membership..cant find anywhere on site/in shop

TL17761TL17761 San Francisco CAPosts: 55
as title states...can believe how hard it is to find the renewal in the shop or on the site. It used to be easy,,now not so much. thanks for any insight.


  • drummerboy_73drummerboy_73 Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,906
    Once you've logged in, go to "My Account", then click "Membership" to see your membership info. There's not really a "renewal" function anymore. The way it works now, is that if your payment info. is up to date, your membership will automatically renew on the renewal date unless you cancel it. The only other options there are to edit your payment information or change your membership level. Hope that helps!
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  • TL17761TL17761 San Francisco CAPosts: 55
    thanks..much appreciated!
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