PJ Wrigley/Hendrix cover please :)

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This is a story for the fans and any of you romantics out there. In January 2013 I was kicked out of the house for going to the first night of Soundgarden's Chicago set. I was told if I went I'd have no home to go to. Well I definitely went and don't regret it. I was lucky enough to get a temporary room with my buddy and his ma in the burbs of Chi (for 4 mo.). One of the first weeks there I was surfing pearljam.com's forums. One of the most active posts was from, I believe, 2011. Single and bored, I clicked the link that read "Pearl Jam Dating Service". Laughing, I said "Fuck it", and began looking at all the a/s/l posts with every one of them having the same attitude: fuck it. So after putting a post up myself, I didn't get any pm's back. But I did eventually find a recent post that was put by an 18 year old female from ABQ, NM. i sent her a message off the PJ site, from there it went to Facebook, and then our numbers were eventually exchanged. Mind all of you, this is about the time mtv's Catfish was getting popular. So Bre, the gorgeous New Mexican brunette that I met, had finally videochated with me. We were real. THANK FUCK. We didn't expect to talk literally everyday since we met but in no time at all we started falling hard for each other.
News broke out that Pearl Jam was playing Wrigley Field for the first time. I was crazy lucky to score tickets and I invited Bre well before I bought the tickets. Only thing was, how do I convince her parents to leave Albuquerque for a week with a stranger from Chicagoland for a fucking Pearl Jam concert?!
-You visit their family first and show them how weird you are/aren't, duh-
And that's what I did. My very first plane ride was from the a Midway airport, to Colorado, to good ol' ABQ. If y'all never been to New Mexico, it's cool as hell!
Speed up to present day, this babe and I have seen Local H, Pearl Jam, RNDM, Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, Outkast and other Lollapolooza bands. Even right now, it's night two of PJ Wrigley 2016 and Bre & I are waiting by Murphy's for the doors to open. Never would have expected Pearl Jam and Soundgarden to be such a big part of my life. I found my soul mate because of a "Pearl Jam dating service". If I could miracously get a ridiculous song request from PJ tonight, it would be a Hendrix cover of "Axis: Bold as Love". That's the song I used to tell her I loved her for the first time. A less ridiculous request: Little Wing.
I'm honestly too excited to care what songs they play tonight though. I just hope all of us fans our hearts out towards the band as much as they do onstage. I love the 10C & the Pearl Jam family.
Thanks for good times
Hey nanana
ain't that somethin
PJ Chi 2--o8-24-2oo9
SG Chi 1--o1-29-2o13
PJ Wrigley--07-19-2013
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