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Hi All-

This is an discussion ( or argument depends on the time ) I have had with many of my friends over the years.

Is it important for you to understand the basis and meaning behind an artist words or is it more important for you to take what the artist gives you and make it you own.

I would've interested to hear people's (specific examples if you have them) thoughts on this subject.


  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 19,149
    Hi there! Interesting post.

    For me, it's a mix of both, with various proportions of inference and intention...and state of mind / place at the time.

    Some interpretations are mine - intensely personal - and perhaps fit to my needs at the time, even if I'm "wrong".

    Others, I may have had an initial incorrect impression (I'm sure there are many, but off the top of my head? - APC's Judith the first time I heard it), vs what I came to know of its birth.

    Or, in keeping with the Maynard theme, Tool's Prison Sex.
  • slightofjeffslightofjeff Posts: 7,644
    I generally like to know what an artist is thinking when they write a song. I am obsessed with the things that inspire people to write the songs they do.

    Even if the "real" answer sometimes ruins the interpretation I had in my head.

    Otherwise you might be confused into thinking a song like Stone Temple Pilots' Sex Type Thing is glorifying date rape.
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  • NinetytworulesNinetytworules BostonPosts: 285
    I usually don't know the artists meaning behind the lyrics and tend to make their words my own. One of the first times I had this argument with someone was about Nirvana's Plateau. He had all these ideas about what the meaning was behind his words and how complex his ideas were. I took as more of a simple and somewhat literal song but what do I know?

  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
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