ISO MSG 2, just want 1 Ticket

I'm looking for 1 ticket for MSG 2...I'm kinda desperate. I couple of unfortunate circumstances had me have to give up my Philly 1 tickets and missed Philly 2. I'm a long time fanclub member and good company.


  • JS60528JS60528 Posts: 8
    ...I would take two if I need too...
  • I'm looking for 1 as well, so if someone has a pair I'd be willing to split it with you. Getting creative... ;)
  • You can get me at if anything comes available.
  • JS60528JS60528 Posts: 8
    Sounds like a plan, I'll let you know if I hear. Appreciate if you do the same.
  • Will do! I'll start to look for both 1 and 2 tickets.
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