Has anyone received their Raleigh refund yet?

I haven't gotten mine yet even though a message I got from the 10 Club claims it was processed at the beginning of last week. I talked to my bank and they said I should see any refunds within 3 business days (which has passed). They also show nothing pending either which concerns me. Anyone get theirs yet? I've tried to call 10 Club but the guy that I talked to said that the ticket department is on the road with the band and can't be reached.


  • TracerTracer Posts: 77
    Yes; mine was refunded on Friday.
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  • dogtowndogtown Posts: 112
    Mine posted 4/22
  • Indifference71Indifference71 ChicagoPosts: 12,390
    Mine posted on 4/22 as well.
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