All That Is

In all that is nature
That is lush and wet and green
Or hot and dry, brown and dead
And the many brilliant colors in-between

Where the bird on the wire who is resting there
Takes fight at the sight of me
Where the sunlight meets a field of grass
Where the moon reflects on the sea

In all that is cosmic
That is bright and mysterious and vast
Or stark and bleak, cold and black
And holding the secrets of our past

Where the stars shine like diamonds
On this cold, cold winter night
Where the Big Dipper keeps me in place
Where the meteors burn out in flight

In all that is written
That is tender and love and grace
Or sad and lonely, angry and hurt
And the words longed to say face to face

Where warm books are read late into the night
And children are sung to before they sleep
Where lovers pour their heart out with paper and pen
Where the song on the radio is yours to keep

In all that is everything
In all that is true
In all that will ever be
In all this is you


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