A big thanks

Thanks for the great music over the years while being humble. Your music is getting me through a divorce I didn't want. Pure heart break however, when I listen to songs like Given to fly, unthought known, Release, sleight of hand, wishlist, etc.... I lift myself out of my fog and push forward.

Thanks guys,,,,


  • Versus13Versus13 Posts: 174
    I owe Pearl Jam huge amounts of gratitude for how they have contributed to my life. In the eighth grade my excellent teacher introduced me to them and they became my favourite band for a long list of reasons. They're music, unlike most in our generation, is REAL, pure and time-transcending. They have inspired me to create and i have talked about them a lot when giving examples of how to contribute to society and such. These guys are awesome, thanks a lot and keep doing what you love!
  • TACTAC NWPosts: 37
    Well said!!!!
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