poem: towerings

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(part I)...

so towers were scattered randomly across the distance
stone would climb the sky like ivy
soon becoming pink, purple & peach colors would be flowers
no more gray rock ancient but as sturdy
if not more than durable pit gravestones piled to the sun

each dawn geese overheard gave call
gave song touching this soft opening eye of sky
the fire balancing across some far off pupil
all beyond purgatory waves of nowhere
climbing these soaring dreams

where pain from nothing
is pleasure of the digit zero
the placeholder with no value
again & again strikes its chords & drums with hammers & lace
while spraying oceans reach out for love
true or deception
whales gone deep or beached

but do you remember our days & night
walking beside her surge
where lady of the deep threw herself up against those jagged boulders
what was projected sank into each standing fortress
including our bones
before we left every sundown
color prevailed
soon stone blocks gave way
all blooms triumph rolling up those roaming staircases of golden wheat

for poetry through the ceiling. ISBN: 1 4241 8840 7

"Hear me, my chiefs!
I am tired; my heart is
sick and sad. From where
the sun stands I will fight
no more forever."

Chief Joseph - Nez Perce


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