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I'm gone, so long
By the sound made us with your body
The smell of you held in the case
More than lead and draw me
In for the course

The heights we sail
You reached for the fall
Before you surrendered to me
Who brought you down
In what backwoods you'd grown
Before me, so purely conceived

A voice deep and sweet
Expressions I play
Wringing your neck so shy
Hollering out you all my faults
From years of neglect
Slow and direct
We glide through the shifting sound

How can I explain?
The high of a mindless tempo
Alone where no one hears
Hooks and threads and strings broke weaving
RIP between my ears

Skim the shore indecent
Too clever, too fluid the base
Put down real for longing
I plan my great escape
... yeah it's true

Outcast lines
Lost some fleeting
Overwhelm the page
Pull me down til
I drowned deleting
All I was not lost

I've watched rivers of regret trickle out me
Carry my paper boat to the sea
Past the break in the sky where the blues meet
The slightest desire to feel
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    I like it
    A horse once heard Stone Gossard playing guitar on the other side of a wall. And that, my friends, is where giraffes came from.
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    love it
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