My interpretation to the meaning of Hail, Hail

Ah, is there room for both of us? Both of us apart?
Are we bound out of obligation? Is that all we've got?

- The person is reassessing the relationship they are in, wondering if they are both compatible together and if they are still together only out of the fact that they are already settled in a relationship and not because they both love each other equally

I get the words and then I get to thinking
I don't wanna think, I wanna feel
How do I feel? How do I?

- This person wants to love, not to think about ways to rationalize this relationship. He wants to feel like it is a good thing instead of trying to think about ways that it is good

If you're the only one, will I never be enough, yeah
Hail, hail the lucky ones
I refer to those in love, yeah

- My interpretation on this one is the speaker is going "if you are the only one I will be with, will I be enough for you?" Maybe like the speaker is sure of his feelings about this other person but isn't sure about the other person's feelings. The "Hail, hail the luck ones" part could be referring to couples in love that don't have to deal with this specific problem this story talks about

Oh, how I'd love you till the day I die... and beyond
Are we going to the same place? If so, can I come?
It's egg rolling, thick and heavy
All the past we carry
Oh, I could be new
You under-estimate me

- The speaker is saying that if the relationship carries on they would love the other person until "the day I die". And that they can be a different person, perhaps alter some of their behavior that may have caused some of this rockiness

I sometimes realize I could only be as good as you'll let me
Are you woman enough to be my man?
Bandaged hand in hand

- The speaker thinks about hen they are with this other person they are so good for them that this person's love and presence really elevates the speaker and that this person dictates how much better of a person they can be. Although I do have an alternative interpretation: that this person feels weighed down by the other person and they are going "I can't be any better because this person isn't letting me be any better"

Black lining
On the run in a race that can't be won, yeah

- Still trying to decipher this. Maybe just that you can try and "win" but relationships cannot be won they have to be worked on together. And without that you can try and win but in reality in this case "winning" is "losing". Because if you win the other person lost. The only way to win is to not race trying to beat the other person but to have the both of you work together

If you're my only one
So good, you, only one
I want to be your one
Enough, you won, your one, your one

- This maybe signifies the end of the relationship - they are separated. The other person's lack of passion won and in the end they aren't a couple but rather they are single (one)

So all in all I think that this song tells the story of a couple where one person feels in love but isn't sure the other person does and wants to feel like they can work things out. The speaker is jealous of "those in love" because couples in love with each other don't deal with this.

I would love to hear anyone else's take on this song!!


  • TashkTashk SydneyPosts: 24
    This song is super catchy and kind of relates to where I am at in my relationship with my partner, heavy lyrics but very very raw painful truthful lyrics
  • Last-12-ExitLast-12-Exit Charleston, SCPosts: 8,661
    I agree with you. I've always felt this sing was about the ending stages of a long relationship.
    Great tune.
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  • karmadefectkarmadefect Posts: 804
    Tashk said:

    This song is super catchy and kind of relates to where I am at in my relationship with my partner, heavy lyrics but very very raw painful truthful lyrics

    That's too bad. One would rather be in a place where Oceans might be the thame song.
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  • TD-2243TD-2243 Posts: 103
    I'm fairly certain the lyrics at the end are " Like minded on the run..."

    That's what it sound like to me and make the most sense since especially in terms of the general meaning of the song, which I believe to be marriage. I think marriage has the "obligation" this songs speaks of. The song is much deeper than a "relationship" song, because it is talking about the long term investment of marriage and if they will be enough to make it work. Considering Ed got married the year before this was released, it makes sense. Like myself, I had very naive expectations going into marriage which were quickly shattered.
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  • joseph33joseph33 NashvillePosts: 761
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    Always thought that basically everything mentioned above,but simply that the story teller is speaking of a one sided relationship that was based on a lie.
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