Charlotte GA Line

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Thanks to this group for making my first GA line experience a great one! ... 013?page=3

(I'm in the next pic, #7 in line)
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There's a trapdoor in the sun.


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    also, thanks go out to them for taking the rail closer to jeff/mike and leaving open the spot right in front of eddie. eddie stood on the rail during porch directly over me. at one point he tried tossing me a pick, but i have no idea where it went. and then to top off, at the end of watchtower, eddie pointed at me and handed his wine bottle to a security guy to give to me! i couldn't have asked for a better first ga experience.
    There's a trapdoor in the sun.
  • That's awesome. I had a great time in the line and GA as well. Missed out on a Jeff pick, but my wife did nab me a Mike pick. Met some great fans all of whom I've forgotten their names (Sorry.....I'm real crappy with remembering names), but I did learn you have to be careful to not drop Walking Dead spoilers in GA. :D
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