Pearl Jam AMA on Reddit to support Lightning Bolt?

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Anyone know if PJ has done an AMA on reddit before? Chris Cornell did one a few months ago and the questions were pretty interesting. I'm pretty it sure helped Soundgarden's ticket sales quite a bit as well. With Lightning Bolt coming out in the near future, I thought it might be a good idea for Pearl Jam to do one. I don't really know if the band is on the Forums at all, but I figured it'd be a good idea to see what you guys think about the idea.
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    Great idea... fellow Redditor here. I love AMA's so I think it would be awesome.
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    This would be a great reason to finally register for a username on reddit. :lol:

    I support this. Even if its just 1 band member. 8-)

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  • Absolutely a great idea! Such an event fits well in the bands everlasting decisiveness in remaining close to its fans. I'd love this!
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    Cool idea. I could see Mike getting behind it? He seems to be by and large the member most active on social media.
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    What is an AMA?
    I do believe I'm ill conceived on this concept......
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    whispering hands" said:
    What is an AMA?
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