Kids covering Tool's 46 & 2

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    Love that little dude with the sticks!
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  • sick!!!
  • Not sure if I'm impressed, or depressed that they're all better musicians than I'll ever be...fuck it, that was nice!
  • wow.
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    awesome job
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    This is my favorite song! I was sceptical when reading but wow!

    Very impressive!! :shock:
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    I need to stop reading so fast. I thought the topic was Kid Rock covering Tool's 46 & 2.
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  • :D :clap: Oh man, I was like a proud poppa watching that....I was smiling from ear to ear...those kids killed it and that rhythm section, especially the drummer, let's just say, even Maynard would be impressed :lol: Gives me hope yet that there are still kids out there like this, appreciating fine music, and tuning out the crap their generation is spoonfed by today's music industry....good on them!
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    soCOOL.. :roll:
  • I'm curious to know the origination of the production.

    I am assuming a really cool teacher spearheaded this effort. If I am wrong... then so be it, but if I am right... good job teach!
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    Very cool!
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  • Amazing, seriously, I wish my parents had forced me to learn to play an instrument!
  • Amazing, seriously, I wish my parents had forced me to learn to play an instrument!
    It's never too late!
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    That was really awesome!!
  • Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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