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Hey and hello, Denver PJ fans! I'm going to be visiting your amazing city in late August for the Snoop/DMB show and I'm looking for some insider info on where to stay, what to do, any local secret and special places and, most importantly - now that you have legalized the 420, how easy is it for a tourist to acquire? Thanks!
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    Weed is technically legal, but not really up for purchase until January. Not much has changed, everyone I know who buys still needs a med card to do so. I guess there are a couple bars where you can go smoke, but I think you need to bring it yourself. We're not quite the Little Amsterdam that everyone thinks we are... yet anyway.

    Where to stay? Dick's Sporting Goods Park is near a cute suburb of Denver called Stapleton. There's an Embassy Suites there. It'd be a lot closer than staying downtown, so if you're cabbing it to the show, that'd be a good bet. You're still pretty close to Denver, if you want to co explore there.

    As far as where to hang out, I'd suggest the Capital Hill area as opposed to downtown Denver. I'm particularly partial to City O' City, a pizza place there with an interesting drink/food menu.

    Another place I try to take anyone who comes to visit is called Pints Pub. If you enjoy single malt whiskey, you must go. Largest selection in the US (possibly anywhere outside of Scotland). The food is great too.
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    Thanks Divka - all good info..... Really looking forward to seeing Denver and meeting the locals. I've heard nothing but good things!
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    Have a blast. My damn stepbrother is getting married that weekend, would love to go!!
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