Blue Line Surcharge of $2.75 from O'Hare

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Hope you all got the 3 day pass from Groupon if your flying into O'Hare. Cost is $20 for a 3 day pass without any discount. It will now cost $5 ($2.25 normal fare + $2.75 surcharge) for trips leaving O'Hare. .

The temporary exemption of the $2.75 surcharge to ride the Blue Line from O'Hare ends today for all CTA customers using Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus cards.

The CTA in January changed the fare from O'Hare to $5, adding the $2.75 surcharge to the base $2.25 rail fare. But it exempted customers who use the Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus card till today to allow time to develop a system to exempt employees working on O’Hare International Airport property. Those employees will still enjoy that exemption.

For non-O'Hare workers who use the Chicago Card and purchase stored value or a single ride, they are subject to the $2.75 surcharge.

For Chicago Card Plus participants who have their fare choice option as pay-per-use, they are subject to the $2.75 surcharge.

Here's how to avoid the premium fee:
(1) For Chicago Card customers, purchase unlimited ride passes (1, 3, 7, 30-day).
(2) For Chicago Card Plus customers, select fare option "30-day Pass".

So start digging deeper in your pockets, O'Hare riders. ... nds-today/
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    Thanks for this info. I'm so glad I got those passes off groupon. Now I just have to remember to pack them :crazy:
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