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It's that time of year, need to unload some of the shirts that either don't fit or haven't seen the light of day in years. My camera is broken so shoot me a pm with a cell # or an email address and I'll send you pics with my phone if needs be. $5 shipping in the US plus an extra $1 if you buy more than 1 shirt.

XL-EV 2012 solo, black shirt with all the instruments on the front. This is the one they're selling in the shop right now but mine has the European dates. Washed and hung dry literally once. Slim fit $25

XL-Vote for Change, brown, "Warbird" shirt. American apparel shirt, washed and worn a handful of times but in excellent shape. No fading, cracking, or shrinkage. $20

XL-1998 Vegas "Ghost Rider" poster shirt. Grey, American Apparel shirt, unwashed, unworn. $20 ***SOLD***

XXL- Army green, Ames Bros, Washington DC shirt, Band new, unwashed, unworn. It's the same one they have for sale on their site, XXL has been sold out for a long time. $25 ***SOLD***
Here's a link for a look-see...http://amesbrosshop.com/ames_bros_pearl ... _mens.aspx

I may add some more later and feel free to make an offer if you want multiple items. Thanks a lot and happy father's day!
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