Deep Mag Cost?

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I have the last six Deep magazines and am looking to unload some excess stuff. I don't even know what would be a reasonable price, so just gauging interest and what would be a fair price from people who have sold them here. This is NOT an auction, just info so I can determine if it's even worthwhile to sell. Thanks.
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    They had them for sale in shop a week ago for $10, cant find them there now though!

    -95, Stockholm (MirrorBall Tour)
    -00, Stockholm
    -07, Copenhagen
    -09, Berlin
    -10, Berlin
    -11, East Troy 1+2
    -12, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, EV London 2
    -13, London, Chicago
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    $10 each?! That seems a lot. Thanks for the pointer though.
  • someone was selling his/her copies of some numbers of the deep mags for 5 bucks each, don't know if they have been sold already...
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