Four by moe.

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I don't usually become incredibly attached to one particular song like this (at least not to the point where I feel like I have to share it with people like I'm about to do), but there's one song that's so captivating to me. The song is "Four" by the band moe. It's a magical/mystical song. I don't know why it has taken me away, probably because it's such an incredible song haha. But I seen moe. on 2/6/13 in Pittsburgh just for the hell of it. And I must say WOW. They blew me away. I've been to well over 100 shows and this one sticks out. It's up there entertainment/music quality wise with the few PJ shows I've been to and Springsteen. I payed attention to every single detail and they left me wanting more. Check them out, they have so many good songs. This song, "Four", is great to me. I listen to it like 3 times everyday. Heres a link:
5/2/2003 - Buffalo, NY
5/9/2010 - Cleveland, OH
9/11/2011 - Toronto, ONT
9/12/2011 - Toronto, ONT
7/19/2013 - Wrigley Field
10/11/2013 - Pittsburgh, PA
10/12/2013 - Buffalo, NY
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    four sleeping dogs lie......

    good to see another moe.ron here
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    Great song! Always wondered what/who is talking in the background in the studio version.
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