Why Pearl Jam?

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I have been a fan since '91 and goin to Pearl Jam shows since 4/8/1994. Albums never disappoint and the shows are always transcending. We are all blessed to be Alive to be a part of it all.
Bring on the Fall tour and as always Thanks for the music guys!
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    right on...this year is turning out to be a big one...

    and hopefully rock bands will be at the forefront again instead of the crap now...
    new QOTSA, AIC, Mudhoney, Iggy & the Stooges, Kings of Leon...
    and of course new PJ! I predict new album announcement this summer June/July w/ Oct./Nov. release date
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    In a constant state of excitement this year with all the news.
    I'm absolutely stoked about seeing the best band in the 'verse and hearing the new stuff.
    Sometimes it's a roller coaster ride as a fan, but the guys ALWAYS deliver.
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