Fender Blacktop Stratocaster Signed by Pearl Jam

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So, who's gonna win this for me? :angel:


https://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_ite ... ?preview=1

In September 2012, 5 bands and over 50,000 thousand Global Citizens gathered in New York City's Central Park for a historic day of performances to celebrate the work being done to end global poverty.

Pearl Jam supported this event and signed this guitar to support the work of Global Citizen and the Global Poverty Project. Pearl Jam is now partnering with Global Poverty Project for the Global Citizen Tickets initiative, where the world's leading artists are donating two tickets to all of their concerts for the next three years in exchange for participants social action to benefit the world's poor through GlobalCitizen.org.

This rare guitar has signatures from Pearl Jam and will make a remarkable addition to your collection.

Proceeds for the sale go to the Global Poverty Project. Visit http://www.globalcitizen.org/ to learn more about how the Global Poverty Project is working to end extreme poverty within this generation.

Donated By: Global Poverty Project
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    Freaking awesome

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    Bidding ends on my birthday... it must be fate. So who's going to get me this awesome present? ;)
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    whats the value of the guitar without the sigs
    81 is now off the air

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    81" said:
    whats the value of the guitar without the sigs
    I think around $500
    I lost a bet...
  • 8181 I Miss You LizardPosts: 58,276
    cubBEE_girl" said:
    [quote="81"]whats the value of the guitar without the sigs
    I think around $500[/quote]

    really? wow. it's into charity level pricing already then.
    81 is now off the air

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    Very nice. Should easily fetch $15,000+
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