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Hi, these are CD's I am looking to trade for other CD's about the same value. They are in playable condition, all have the complete packaging, I am just looking for some new stuff. Feel free to post on this thread CD's your looking to trade as well. To keep this cheap I am only looking to trade with clubbers in the USA. Thanks!

For trade:
Blink 182 Dude Ranch
The Jerky Boys 2
Batman Begins OST

Nine Inch Nails:
Pretty Hate Machine (1989 Pressing)
The Downward Spiral
With Teeth

From The Muddy Banks of the Wishka
Come As You Are Single
Lithium Single

Pearl Jam
Alive Austrian Import
Dissident EP (with Live 6 Live Tracks)

Fall Out Boy
Folie a Deux
Saves Rock and Roll

Foo Fighters Greatest Hits

Marilyn Manson
Holy Wood
The High End of Low
Born Villan

Metallica Master of Puppets (Vertigo Pressing Cat# 838141-1)

Nine Inch Nails:
Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster)
Year Zero

Pearl Jam
Live At Easy Street
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    I have Jerky Boys 3. It's yours

    This place is dead

    Whispering hands, gently lead 'em away

    Goat whisperer
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    I have Jerky Boys 3. It's yours
    Cool, what would you like me to send to you? Shoot me a PM.
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    Still ISO some pretty common stuff. Please send a PM if you are looking to swap.
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    Live at Easy Street anyone ...?
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