Selling Vs and Vitalogy Limited Edition CD/w T shirt

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on ebay... check them out. i bought them 2 years ago and just never had time to open them up and enjoy. the T shirt it says is XL. Using the proceeds to pay for my trip to Wrigley! Thanks for looking guys!

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    IBTL...gotta watch posting ebay links on here

    "No auctions are allowed. Links to yours or others' eBay auctions or stores are not ok."
  • crap ill take it down. not looking to make a profit. just basically wanted to get these babies to a pearl jam fan who would really enjoy them. did not see the rules. my bad.

    I bought these for 24.99 each at best buy, still has label on them. if you want to buy them at 24.99 each, PM Me.....
    He who forgets will be destined to remember
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