The Postal Service - Davis, CA

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Whoa. The Postal Services' second concert in nine years. Bad ass. I suspect they booked a few smaller off the beaten trail gigs before hitting the larger ones and festivals, warm up. But that didn't stop a big ol crowd from going, that Mondavi Hall at UC Davis is gorgeous and hecka easy to get to. And it was packed tonight, totally sold out. 

Sound was amazing, hearing those tunes over a big concert PA was righteous, those synth bass hits and beats just pounding you. Ben's voice was distinct, great mix, he jumped from guitar to a small drum kit a few times. No Walla appearance. No death cab tunes. And that was ok, they played simply everything off the album and their singles.

Not much otherwise to say, but a highlight for me was Dntel's "Dream of Evan and Chan" and the unexpected blistering guitar from Jenny on "This place is a prison." yes, I said blistering guitar, it was awesome. She got a big reception throughout the night every time she approached the mic.

Warm up act Baths (Will Weisenfeld) was awful, everything that can go wrong with beat/mix/electronica whatever. Self indulgent, overloaded, watch me make fifty gazillion loops come outta this rig in four measures... Never a groove you could find. Overly frenetic. And frightful singing if we can call it that. When your idea of a big hook of a lyric is “come over here and fuck me,” you should probably stop writing lyrics.... Awful. I hope he's not at the Greek this summer.

So funny, the Travis In-n-Out was packed after the show, tons of fans from the Bay who all curiously got hungry that far down the road at the same time....

Update, lil peak of the 1st concert in nine years: ... ilhouettes
[sic] happens
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