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Being bad is not what she wants, it’s what happens to her while she makes plans to be good, telling herself lies.
Torn between the angry angel on her shoulder and the innocent devil in her eyes.
Sabatoge the noose around her neck, to break free just as she jumps to her own conclusions.
A victorious victim, a victimless criminal, creating problems from her own solutions.

Daddy told her she had her momma in her, the cheating paradox of a whoring wife.
Momma, the unselfish sinner and Daughter, the product of a fabulously flawed life.
Poppa tells her of the lies of the past, the ones that made her who she will become.
She faces the world bravely, telling each taker, ‘Come get you some!’

She gives until there is a void where her heart once bled.
Reliving the past she swears she’ll escape the made bed.
He whispers the young and free thoughts of the times in their own teenage lives.
The next time comes, and she can only guess what she will do when the moment arrives.

Will the angel win or will it be the devil?
Can the good shine through to the next level?
Or does the bad shadow follow her to the grave?
Only she knows if she will destroy the save.
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    "innocent thoughts"

    it dosen't matter to me what a man dose for a living you understand..
    as long as his interest's don't conflict with mine.
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