Poll: Will we ever see No Code and Yield on Vinyl 180 Gram?

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I'm gonna say no time soon. I don't see any sort of moderate sales from it so that tends to seal its faith. Maybe we can convince the powers at be to take a note out of Jack White/Third Man Records book and have people pay up front, then print how ever many are ordered?...I'll buy 2 if that helps haha.
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    every band out there has repressed their albums on vinyl in the past 3 years. Why Pearl Jam wants to keep their average sounding original pressings "rare" is beyond me. Not that the remasters are pressed correctly....

    You have bands just as huge (or bigger) like Radiohead or the Foo's pleasing their fans by reissuing everything. PJ is known for championing vinyl way more than anyone else these days. Makes no sense. Let companies like MoFi or Music on Vinyl repress all of their albums not Sony or Monkeywrench. We'd be hearing PJ like we never have before.

    Sorry to complain :D
  • I've been obsessing over this and wondering the same thing... will albums from No Code to the Avocado album be reissued on 180g vinyl?? I would think they eventually will since they seem to be gradually remastering everything... the wait is killing me though... like you said, to go and buy one of these albums on vinyl right now costs soooo much. It's really quite ridiculous. For example, the Avocado album is going from $325 up... (http://www.discogs.com/buy/Vinyl/Pearl- ... 5826?ev=wh). :x :fp:

    I love... LOVE Pearl Jam... and I LOVE listening to them on vinyl... but that's just crazy. Please please please Monkeywrench / 10 Club reissue these albums!!!
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    I see a 2nd pressing as being a complete and seperate event than a remastering.

    I don't believe the albums need to be remastered. The albums Brendan O' Brien produced in the 90s sound excellent. I think the only thing they need is a 2nd pressing on vinyl. Please don't remaster them :)

    I think PJ will eventually release them. I get the feeling they'll continue the deluxe boxset series. It might take them a while to get back to it though.

    I think it will sell well. I was always in the belief that the first three albums would have lower demand because they were already the albums that had the most vinyl copies pressed. IE before the reissues 10/vs/vitalogy were the easiest of the albums to find. The 10 reissue sold well because it really benefited from a remix (as the original was mixed in a weird and original way). Vs/Vitalogy didn't need to be remastered. The benefits of a reissue were less.

    Once you start with No Code the vinyl pressings were really small. I think Vinyl was at its lowest point by the mid 90s and into the early 00s. That string of albums (and most other bands that release albums at the time) are the hardest to find. I think the lack of copies from the original pressing has a large pent up demand. I think the band might be discouraged from the vs/vitalogy re-release, but hopefully they also realize it's the album's starting with No Code that needed a rerelease the most.
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