Weird, but somehow maybe successful business ideas

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So we went through this immigration thing. And when we got out of the last interview, we were all smiles. It was 8.30 am, and we were kind of dizzy, but we freaking did it!

Nobody but us was there to celebrate it. And when we just heard "We are the champions" on the radio, we thought it would be so cool if the immigration office had an option for "check if you want to have a celebration thingy after you got aproved" :lol: I think a lot of people in our position would love that! We could be rich if we would offer celebration options like that!

Did you ever think you have a bright moment for the "perfect idea to make money", never realised it and now think that it might have been a success?
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    My husband used to claim that he was going to invent a remote controlled lawnmower. You could sit on the porch and mow your lawn. :mrgreen:

    I think somebody else invented one, sort of like a roomba.
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    I used to carpool with someone that would change the radio channel every time a commercial came on. At the time, I thought it would be cool if there was a service in your car that played the music you liked with no commercials. a few years later satellite radio came out. I think this was about 1999
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