10c and K. Shuss bring it: "Brain of J" '98 Maui off. vid!

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Amazing, amazing, amazing.

"Brain of J" -- Maui '98 official crew-shot video
http://pearljam.com/videoview/21636/bra ... eb_21_1998

Wellington '98 with live "Evenflow"

These vids were barely teased in bottom of recent newsletter. For my money, it's the most important thing PJ's released since PJ20.

For many, this is what we've long waited for. The band opening its archives and showing the real footage we all know proves PJ's the best live band in the world.

Thank you, 10. THANK YOU, Kevin Shuss.

Please keep cranking out the hits. :)
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    Blredyellow" said:
    THANK YOU, Kevin Shuss.

    "....I'd rather be at Chicago Fishing Forum .."
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    Was there both nights in Maui. Whew!!! Great to see the vid. :mrgreen:
    Hold On
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