Seeking a Wrigley ticket for my 37 year old friend

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He's a swell guy and would really get a kick out of attending this rock n roll show.
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  • what does it matter how old he is? :fp:
  • wpg pearl" said:
    what does it matter how old he is? :fp:
    It's special because it would be his fourth Pearl Jam show. We all remember our fourth show.
  • Plus, he's 37 and leads a fairly unhealthy life. Chances are, he'll die relatively soon. So he needs your help, Jammers. As his sort-of-dying wish, please help him see this show. He's 37 years old for God's sake!
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    if i can find one ill pm you
    "....I'd rather be at Chicago Fishing Forum .."
  • dimitrispearljam" said:
    if i can find one ill pm you

    Thank you, sir!
  • Thanks for the post... subject sucked me right in! :D

    Fuck... Im38 on Saturday. May as well donate my pair of GA tickets.... not likely to make it to July. :lol:

    and here i thought being only 38 i may not feel too old rocking out in center field at Wrigley. :lol: :lol:

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  • I'm looking for a GA/PIT ticket for my 1 yr. old.
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    This guy needs a three tix.

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